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We succesfully connect cars with clients 95% of the time. SoCal Auto Leasing has access to more vehicles than any other company. We are the most complete and trusted leasing company in the United States.


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With our leasing experience here at SoCal Auto Leasing, combined with our very unique financing relationships, we have been able to create  a seamless process for leasing or purchasing a car.  Take the time to read our testimonies from our long list of clients on how we were able to find the right car and right finance.

At SoCal Auto Leasing, we work with clients from across the nation. Here in California we have a strong following from Los Angeles, Newport Beach, San Diego, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Orange County, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Sacramento and more.

Just provide us with information on the make, model or color of any car, and we will deliver it to your door, matching your specifications right down to the type of headlights. SoCal can get you the exact car you have been looking for, today. We make buying or leasing a car stress free and easy.  Simply, Fill out a credit application or  Give us a call and allow us to find you a car, any car, any where.